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Buying a Home in Rochester MN

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A photo of a family in front of a new home they bought in Rochester MNOwning your own home is a big part of the “American Dream.” Preparing to buy a home can be both exiting and terrifying at the same time. With his background in business and real estate, Jared Jacobs of Counselor Realty will take the anxiety out of the process so you can focus on the excitement.

Before you start ask:
What am I looking for in a home?
Make a list or brainstorm about the features and amenities you find most appealing in a new  home. Jared will work with you to refine your list and walk you through finding the home that’s best suited for you.

Do I have enough money to purchase a new home?
Are you currently living in a home that you will need to sell? Unless you have considerable financial resources, it could be risky to put an offer on a new home before your first home sells. Are you prepared to make payments on both homes until the first home sells? 

Doing your homework about loans will save you time and money. As a buyer, you should establish financing before you make a serious offer on a new home. The “pre-approval” process allows lenders to take a look at your finances and credit history and make a general assumption about your loan amount. Receiving a loan requires completion of a loan application and specific financial documents including pay stubs, rental checks and/or tax returns.

Jared can help you find a lender you feel comfortable with that offers the programs best suited to your needs. 

Finding a Home
Now it’s time to start the exciting SEARCH FOR HOMES. Before you start your search, tell Jared exactly what you want in a home. Once you have established what you are looking for Jared will work with you to create a search model on his website so you can receive updates as soon as they become available.

Make an Offer on a Home
Once you find a property, Jared will prepare a “Buyers Market Analysis” to determine a market price for the prospective property. An inspection is also a valuable tool when evaluating a home’s value. Hiring a professional is a good way to get an unbiased opinion about a property’s general condition. A professional inspection can make you aware of repairs and maintenance the property may require. After you decide on an offer and other details of the contract Jared will negotiate on your behalf to get you the best deal possible on the purchase of your home!

Photo of a housePrepare for Closing
While you are hard at work packing and planning your move, Jared will continue to work hard for you to coordinate the transaction to a successful closing. Lenders, Inspectors, Title Companies, and Closers are just some of the many other professionals Jared will work with to ensure you will arrive at the closing well prepared.

Appraisal & Lending
The lender will often send an appraiser out to the property. There may pay a fee for this service.  An Appraiser ensures the home’s value as collateral in a mortgage. Keep in close communication with your lender. The lender will let you know if additional documents are needed to approve your loan application.

Title Company & Closer
Jared will help you select a title company and closer. The title company will research the complete history of the property to insure that the title is free and clear by the date of closing.

Scheduling Services
Before you move in you may want to give consideration to forwarding your mail and starting services such as utilities, sanitation, telephone, and cable.

The closing process is the transfer of the title of the property from the seller to the buyer. At the closing the buyer will receive the keys for the property and the seller will receive payment. All legal papers are filed with the local record office in this process.

Before meeting at the closing it is important for the buyer to take a final walk through the property to make sure the property’s condition has not changed. Jared will coordinate this walk through.


“We’re excited to say that we’ve worked exclusively with Jared Jacobs for our real estate needs. As luck would have it, we stumbled upon Jared when we first moved to Rochester over six years ago and were in the market for a condo/townhome. Jared found us the perfect unit in a wonderful location. It was a fit right from the start.

Only a year later, we called upon Jared again to help us find our first home. Jared took our wants and needs to heart and helped us find a beautiful home. In fact, he was so in tune to what we were looking for that we ended up making an offer on that home within only 20 minutes of viewing the property!

As our dream of country life continued, Jared continuously kept his eyes open for rural properties that might interest us. I’m happy to say that Jared helped us find that dream home less than a year ago. His expertise allowed us to secure the bid on that home and sell our existing property within only three days.

Jared’s passion for his career in conjunction with his wonderful ability to relate to people has kept us looking to Jared for our real estate needs. We have recommended him to our family and friends numerous times and look forward to a continued relationship with him.”

- Mat & Jen Miller

Buying a home? Call Jared Jacobs at 507-421-6845

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