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Mortgage Calculator

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Should I Rent or Own?
This calculator will help you figure out if you will be better off renting or owning a home.

How Much Home Can I Afford?
Find out how much your mortgage payments will be.

How Much Does the Bank Say I Can Afford?
Find out how much banks are willing to lend you based on your monthly income and debt.

Mortgage Payment Calculator
Have you found a home you'd like to purchase, but wonder what your payments will be?

15 Year vs. 30 Year Mortgage Calculator
Find out which is better for you.

Monthly vs. Biweekly Payment Calculator
Find out how biweekly payments affect your mortgage.

Mortgage Closing Cost Calculator
Estimate your closing costs here.

How Fast Can I Pay Off My House?
Find out how fast can you pay off your mortgage by making extra payments.

Refinancing Calculator
Should you refinance your current mortgage?

Equity Calculator
How much equity do you have in your current home?

Relocating to Rochester MN?

Sold, Counselor Realty of Rochester, Jared JacobsAre you relocating to Rochester to pursue a Mayo Clinic residency or fellowship, a job transfer or for family reasons?

No matter what your reasons for relocating to Rochester and Southeast Minnesota, welcome to our fine city and area! Learn more >

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Pros & Cons of Buying a New or Older Home

Many people are unsure of where to start when looking to buy a home. While many things need to be taken into consideration, possibly the first thing you should decide is whether to buy a new home or an older one.

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